Sunday, April 22, 2012


I saw these handsome little beauties a few months ago from another blog. When he described it to be a crème brulée in a cake form, I immediately fell in love. Crème Brulée is my first love and always will be but to entice me with such as this! I felt as if I was unfaithful. I've attempted to recreate his recipe and I just can't get the baking time right or maybe my oven temperature or both. None the less, I am in love with them.

(photos were taken from my phone)

I began with boiling the sauce together.

..mixed the flour, eggs, sugar, sauce and rum to create the batter..

..poured it in the mould..

..naturally my sweet boy was in the kitchen with me, watching them bake just as excited as I am..

 was as if we were watching a symphony, they were bubbling and rising rapidly from every mould..

..they started to slow down a bit towards the end..

..our first batch is done and they are beautiful..

..this was baked at 210C as suggested which I converted to 410F for 35 minutes. It didn't caramalized all around and some didn't at all..

..I tried again with a second batch..

..this one I had baked a little longer 45 minutes. I was afraid of burning them I got some caramalized  about 5 pieces..

..they were one of the best treats I have ever tasted. It was as if I bit into a love spell. It was just like how he said it would be, a Crème Brulée in a cake form. Sigh.......

For the complete history and recipe of these little magical treats please visit Phil in the Kitchen at As Strong As Soup he is the one I thank for this new love. I shall keep on trying and get the temp and timing perfectly.


  1. Wow! They look great!They would look good in a patisserie shop. Bookmarking!

  2. They look lovely! I must check out Phil's blog:)

  3. I'm so glad you've made some of these. I'm sorry that they've not been 100% perfect for you. I think I said in the original post (and if I didn't, I should have) that the only really difficult bit is getting the baking right. They're really easy to under or overcook. I've taken them out of the oven too early a number of times because they just seem too dark in comparison to ordinary cakes. To be honest, I often get a bit of variation within batches even when I get the timing right. When they work well, though, that taste of a freshly cooked canelé is fantastic isn't it? I'm really pleased to have passed on that taste.

    1. They are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your recipe and introducing me to them. They are a permanent in my recipe binder : )

  4. Oh they are so good! Don't worry about the color, they are tasty, I bet!

  5. Love Canele - Ive attached a link - its the most comprehensive post I have seen on them, she has some really good tips - yours look great!


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