Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello, I'm Back!

Hello to all my lovely blogger friends. I've been out of the loop and was on an extended hiatus with my 2 children and our little dog. My children and I are on a path of healing and mending our hearts. Unforeseen circumstances had shaken our entire household a few months ago. I am a mother and father to my babies at this present time. For awhile a couldn't bring myself to cook in our kitchen. We have also moved out of our house to a flat/apartment which is a place we now call HOME and LOVE. Most of the meals I have cooked were semi homemade and nothing from scratch and couldn't bring myself to blog about them. The reason why I started this blog 2 years ago was to help with my healing process with the loss of someone very important in my life. I've met some wonderful supportive people who enjoy, love food and cooking as much as I do. Now I'm back ready to carry on with this new life and continue with this new healing process for my children and I. I hope you are all still here to follow our adventures and journey in cooking. : )

I have a blogger question. A few months ago I wanted to change the name of my blog so I created another one and didn't get around to importing my post to the new name on blogger. I don't remember what email address and password so its been dormant for awhile now. Does anyone know how I can access it? I tried to create a new one but blogger wouldn't allow me since the name already existed. Please help... If there is no way of recovering it I will have to move to wordpress.

Thank you..


  1. Great to see you back in the blogging world. I'm looking forward to your new adventures.
    I wish I could help with the blogger question, but without knowing the email you used to create it, I can't think of an obvious way to get access. There is a blogger recovery page at, but I've no idea if that will help. Hopefully there are people out there who are a lot smarter than me.

    1. Hi Phil! Thank goodness you're still here! Thank you once again for your support : ) Thank you for the blogger tip as well I'll check that out now: )


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