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I'm a stay at home mum who's discovered a passion for cooking as well as eating them. I was a make-up artist for M.A.C Cosmetics for 10 years and had to retire. My degree is in Computer Graphics and Web Design which i hadn't made a career out of. I loved my job being a make up artist. I moved from a very busy city and beautiful sandy beaches to a much slower, relaxed and in the middle of nowhere very hot desert. Well now more houses have been built, shoppes, cinemas, restaurants, and shopping mall. My middle of nowhere has now become a suburb. I lived quite a busy and fast pace life as a working mum. Now I get to be with my children everyday in the kitchen learning how to cook through cookery books and cooking shows. I do still live a busy life with raising a family and I enjoy every second of it. My darling daughter is 13 years old (11 when I started this blog) and my sweet boy is 4 years old (2 when I started this blog). This is our online scrapbook where I chat about my cooking adventure and an outlet for me. My daughter and I had also taken cake decorating courses to help us heal from the loss of someone very special and dear to my heart, my Gran (Lola). The pain was too great that I needed something to help me heal. Cooking and this blog did just that and a few blogger friends who had been with me since the beginning of my adventure.

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