Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sausage Melon Salad

I made a salad yesterday. I took out what vegetables, protein and fruit we had inside the fridge and came out with what I call Sausage and Melon Salad. It was quite good. My daughter ate an entire bowl of her own. My son preferred to pick at his and ate only his melons and sausages. That's fine he got his fruit and protein.

This salad is sweet and savoury. My favourite combination.


1 head lettuce chopped
1 tomato diced
3 cantaloupe wedges diced
2 boiled eggs quartered
2 Italian sausage mild
Poppy seed dressing


Boil the eggs to a hard boil. Slice the sausages and fry them up in their own juice. Once everything is cooked mix them all together and add your favourite dressing. Poppy seed was our choice for this one.


  1. That's my kind of salad - I love the sweet and savoury combination. Although it's a bit too cold for me to think about salad today.

  2. Yes,I understand what I really wanted on this day was some Roasted Tomato Bisque with Crouqe Monsieur served on a bed tray. Oh yummmm just thinking about it :)


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