Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Course 4 Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

I've been quite busy with classes and kiddies for awhile that I haven't had the chance to post anything. Well, I'm finished with my Advanced Gum Paste Flowers course and I received my certificate. Wooo Hoooo!!! : ) This is what we learned in class...

We learned how to create different sorts of flowers, flower buds and leaves. We learned the different sizes of wire gauges and how to wrap the wires with florist tapes. We learned how to paint the flowers as well. I need more practice to get the flowers just right.

Ivy leaves....

Lily leaves....

Gerbera Daisy... She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not....

No worries my sweet boy, mummy's got another one.. : )

She loves me!!! : )

Briar Rose...

Stephanotis... I chipped it on the way home and didn't get to put the stamen in.

Sweet Pea... It kinda got flattened.


Stargaze Lily..

Flower Bouquet... I haven't attached the leaves just yet.

Oh, and this is my work area. I like took over 2 and a half tables. It's alright though there were plenty of space the tables were small. It worked out for everyone though we all took over 2. : )


  1. OMG they look like real flowers. I'd love to learn to make something so beautiful. Well done you!

    1. Thanks Alida! I never thought I could make something like this either.

  2. These are really good - I'm seriously impressed. I especially like that blue daisy.

  3. What great flowers...I know how difficult these are and how fiddly...a great job!!! :-)

  4. Vanessa, it looks like real, so beautiful! Will you teach us now that you know how? :)Great job! and cute little one!

  5. Beautiful flowers. You certainly know how to make them look so real. I am your newest follower. I hope you come for a visit.


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